• What to Consider when Buying Garage Doors?

    Date: July 19, 2022

    What to Consider when Buying Garage Doors?

    A garage door is an important part of your house. It affects the curb appeal of your house, the security of your home, its energy efficiency among other things. If your Ancaster garage doors are sagging, becoming difficult to lift or are falling apart, you need to consider replacing them with new ones.

    The next probable question is the things you should consider when buying Garage doors. They include:

    Choosing a Service provider

    Before selecting the right garage doors for your home, you need to find an expert garage door specialist who will provide you with necessary information and services. A reliable expert is one who comes in-person to get estimates. Can suggest to you a variety of options and provide you with warranties.

    Construction of the Door

    In Canada, different materials are used to make garage doors. Typical materials used include steel doors as they are durable and energy efficient. You can also opt for wooden doors if you are going for a traditional look while wanting to be eco-friendly.
    A fiberglass garage door has the same benefits as one that’s made of steel. However, it has a look similar to that of wood.


    The weather patterns on the area you live in will determine the optimal insulation properties of your garage door. When purchasing one, you will often hear experts refer to it as the R-value. It is a measure of the ability of your garage door to keep warm air in and cold air out.

    The Style of the Garage Door

    Garage doors exist in three main styles, i.e., Contemporary, Traditional and Carriage House. You can identify a traditional garage door with its recessed or raised panels, and quintessential grid. The characteristics of carriage house garage doors include stylized separation, iron strap hinges, roll-top doors, and handles.

    Its Size

    The typical garage door sizes are 26*7’ for double doors and 9*7’ for a single door.

    You can speak to our Ancaster garage door specialist if you need guidance on garage door services or, in buying garage door parts.