• Useful Tips for Maintaining Garage Doors

    Date: July 19, 2022

    Useful Tips for Maintaining Garage Doors

    Garage doors are one of the largest moving parts of your house, so it needs proper care to function properly. It’s not just important for improving the curb appeal of your home.

    A garage door also keeps intruders away from your house. The number one reason why you have many door related problems may be due to giving less priority to their garage doors. Learn how to, using the following tips:


    A garage door has many moving parts. You have to lubricate the moving parts, once in a while. Inspect the pulleys, latches, hinges, etc. Wipe a little oil on the bearings. Check for rusting.
    Use a penetrating solvent on the tracks of the roller.

    Check the Door’s Balance

    Disconnect the garage door opener. Move your garage door halfway up, manually. Does it stay put? If it doesn’t, then the balance of the counterweight system is not right. If the door doesn’t balance correctly, it causes the garage door opener to work harder.
    It, therefore, affects the durability of the door. Always seek the services of a professional for the adjustment of the spring of your garage door.

    Clean the Track of your Garage Door

    Is your garage door noisy or sticky? It may be time to clean the track of the door. Use a damp cloth to clean the track. If you choose to lubricate it, it may cause particles to collect there.
    To remove sticky residue on the track, you may use WD 40 as a lubricant.


    If you do not want unwanted elements to get into your garage, you need to consider weather stripping. It will keep those elements away. However, with time, the weather stripping may break, and you may need to repair it or replace.

    To provide full security; the weather stripping is placed on the sides and at the bottom of the garage door.

    By following this maintenance tips, you improve the longevity of your garage door. If you need a professional to look at your garage door; feel free to call the expert team of Pro-Master Garage doors services at 1-866-808-4555