• Types of Material Used for Residential Garage Doors

    Date: August 5, 2022

    Types of Material Used for Residential Garage Doors

    When the need for a private facility came where the owners could shelter or protect their vehicles; the concept of a garage came. Earlier, garages were built separate from the home and their doors were made primarily of wood. As time progressed, garages became a part of residential design. The garage door became an integral part of the exterior appearance of the home. To make these aesthetic garage door designs types of materials are being used.

    When considering a material for residential garage doors there are so many factors that need to be taken into care. Some of them are –

    Garage Door Repairs
    -Style Preference
    -Maintenance Preference
    -Installation options required
    -The garage door matches the exterior architecture of the house

    Different Material Types for Garage Doors
    When it comes to garage doors, there are lots of options nowadays. Each type has its pros and cons, and your personal choice and need will determine which material is best for your house.

    Steel is a widely used material for making garage doors. This is due to its design flexibility, durability and value. You can have numerous design options in steel doors which is a cheaper and more practical alternative to natural wood. Steel is lightweight as compared to wood and so, it is easy to maintain for a long time.

    The primary disadvantage of steel garage doors is that they are susceptible to corrosion and rust. It is often seen that the bottom section of steel doors gets rusted easily in areas where excessive salt is used for de-icing in the winters. It is advised to get professional help to wash the door at least twice a year to remove the dirt and toxins. This will definitely preserve the life of the steel garage doors

    One of the oldest and evergreen types of material used to make garage doors. Wood has a special texture which provides any house exterior with timeless elegance. It is a more eco-friendly option for your garage door as it is a renewable resource. Wooden Residential Garage doors are available in a variety of designs, different wood types and customisation options at Professional Masters Canada.

    Wooden Garage doors have a higher upfront cost and require more frequent maintenance to preserve their beauty. Only with proper maintenance and regular repairs can you protect wooden doors from being faded, rot, warp or chipping.

    Wood Composite
    Wood composite is made with wood fibers and is known as manmade wood. Wood composite garage doors have the strength of steel doors while the look and elegance of a wooden door. Wood composite is heavy, dense and strong making it perfect for a garage door. The pliable nature of wood composite also means it can be molded in any shape of a garage door.

    It is not 100% wood so, if you want an exact wood-like finish, this is not your option. These are less prone to rot than a wooden door but they can still chip and fade with heavy rain.


    Fiberglass garage doors are often overlooked by homeowners but fiberglass closely mimics the defined grain texture of authentic wood. But these garage doors are much more durable than wooden ones. They won’t chip, warp or crack which makes them ideal doors for humid climates. It is a low-maintenance and economical alternative and it also allows natural light to enter your garage.

    Fiberglass doors are not well suited for coastal areas as the high winds can damage the fiberglass. It also evokes a noise that you may find very irritating. If damaged these doors cannot be repaired, they need to be replaced

    Aluminum and Glass

    Aluminum and glass garage doors give a contemporary look to your house. These doors are naturally resistant to rust and corrosion caused due to high humidity. You can customize them to full view or partial view and provide all the natural light to your garage. It also requires low maintenance and is a cost-effective option.

    Due to its less durability, strong winds or hail can cause dents in aluminum which are different to fix without a professional. It has a low R-value so it might need insulation.

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