• Get Affordable Garage Door Services in Mississauga

    Date: August 5, 2022

    Get Affordable Garage Door Services in Mississauga

    A garage is a multipurpose room that every house owns, which is used for storing many valuable items, especially vehicles. To provide safety and security to your garage and your house, the garage doors are installed. They are large doors and need regular maintenance and service. You can do small maintenance by yourself but if there is a major fault you need to have a professional technician for that.

    Professional Masters Garage door service in Mississauga is leading the way with garage door installation and repair for residential and commercial needs. Our repair and maintenance services are without exception, built to last. We provide various Garage Door Services in Mississauga and other parts of Canada. Our licensed, bonded and insured garage door technicians provide different garage installation and repair services. Some of our top garage installation, sales, and repair services are listed below-

    New Garage Doors

    We provide you with new garage doors of different brands and models. We deal in various sorts of garage doors made with different materials-
    -Steel Garage Doors
    -Wood Garage Doors
    -Fiberglass Garage Doors
    -Designer Fiberglass Doors and many more

    Our focus is to provide utility to the clients while offering durability, security and elegance. There is a huge variety of designs and colors of new garage doors which helps our client build their sturdy and low-maintenance option. You don’t need to compromise between looks and safety. We help you find a unique style and color for your garage door that suits your house and exterior, which also keeps you safe and secure. If you are looking to replace your old garage door with something steady and fashionable do contact us.

    Broken Spring Repair

    A garage door spring is responsible for bearing the weight of the door. They make the movement easy for the heavy door and hold the door while it moves. Without spring, a garage is just a dead weight hanging to explode on someone’s head. It can create danger for you and your family.
    At Mississauga, we provide the best Garage Door Spring Repair service. As it is a very risky task, you must always wait for the professional to repair the spring and not even try it yourself. Our team is trained in garage door repair and replacement. With the right tools, they can perform the task without any damage. Always call for top-class service when it comes to your garage door.

    Garage Door Repairs

    Different types of garage doors need different types of repairs. The wear and tear of the garage door happen, as they are used many times in a day. Other than that, the weather also creates difficulties for the garage doors.
    Rain can damage wooden garage doors and can make them chippy and rotten.
    Snow and humid climate can result in rusting of your metal garage door which needs proper repair and maintenance.
    High-speed winds can also cause damage to your fiberglass and aluminum garage doors.
    All these little defects can destroy your garage door with time. It is very important to have a regular session of Garage door Repair with us.

    Garage Door Opener

    The garage door opener is one of the most important components of a garage door. As the name suggests, it opens and closes the door without utilizing your energy and time. It makes your door operate automatically with the help of a button. But when this opener starts to malfunction, you are stuck with a heavy door that won’t budge at all. It becomes very irritating when it gets stuck midway and you have to suffer because of this.

    Professional Masters Mississauga, knows the importance of a door opener to you and provides garage door opener service and repair for all types.

    Install Electric Garage Door Opener

    With the repair of the garage door opener, we also deal in new electric openers. We have all the latest electric openers with us and you can select them according to your need and requirement. The most popular types are-

    -Belt Drive Door Opener
    -Chain Drive Door Opener
    -DC Drive Door Opener
    -Liftmaster Jackshaft Operators

    We focus on security and provide you with only government-approved openers. These electric openers come with a multi-accessory like remote control, keyless/ wireless pad, garage door monitor, etc. These garage door openers are designed with a security feature known as a lock-in mechanism.

    Professional Masters are known for their customer satisfaction and quality of service. Just call on 1-866-808-4555 and let our team handle the rest. We also offer follow-ups in case of issues and keep at it till the job is well done.