Brantford Garage Overhead Doors & Garage Door Openers Repair

As one of the leading companies in the garage door industry for our Brantford, Ontario customers, Pro-Master Garage Doors Service has accrued a vast amount of knowledge and experience over the past 25 years to serve Brantford better.

A few of the many reasons why our Garage doors Brantford clientele appreciate our services is because of our free estimates, superb customer service and our ability to help you in your own home! We have several fully equipped estimate vans that can give you a ‘showroom’ experience at your location and our customer service representatives can also help via phone.

Call Pro-Master Garage Doors Service today and our representatives can help you find the perfect solution.

“I was looking to have a new garage door installed, however, my knowledge in the area is quite vague. When I called the representatives at Pro-Master Garage Doors Service , the representative was able to educate me on the items I should be looking out for and also tried to help me figure out the type of style that would suit my home. The technicians who helped with the actual installation process were very polite and also took the time to show me around the mechanisms involved. This is a great company with high regard for their clients.” Kirsti L., Brantford ON

Our business hours are always 24 hours emergency service call center 7 days a week.